The Drip

Joey Dougherty

A collection of students showing off their unique outfits and expressing different fashion styles. Updated weekly.

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  • Angelica Scotto shows out in a long sleeve Brandy Melville top with ripped black jeans and her white pumas with her orange nails to complete the Neon Orange drip!

  • Zurab Khitalishvili dressed as UFC fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov and Joey Dougherty dripped down to the toes in this authentic representation of UFC fighter Conor McGregor

  • Carlos Eckert with Xander McCall

  • Jake Fusco dressed in jean chaps on jeans. He believes that this is the new wave and will eventually take the world by storm!

  • Carlos Eckert in his lumberjack drip ready to chop trees down!

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