Marley Ewell: High Energy and Positive Mindset

Returning to normal consistency and intensity this basketball season has both challenged Marley Ewell ‘23 and pushed him to improve on and off the court.  

Playing basketball games with a crowd again “felt great,” says Marley. “I feel like we’re a really good team, but when you have a great home crowd, I feel like our whole team plays with more defensive energy and the offense flows really well.” In particular, when the Falcons competed against Mercersburg Academy in December, Mercersburg got off to an early lead. With help from a very loud crowd and great play, Friends Select retaliated and won the game. “I don’t know if that outcome would have been the same if we didn’t have the crowd there,” Marley says.

One individual struggle for Marley this season was his mindset during games. He used to get affected by missing a shot or committing a turnover, but he’s been better at staying calm in those moments. “If I miss a shot, I don’t dwell on it. If we’re down, I don’t allow negative thoughts to affect me. I just stay even keel and focused. I struggle but even when I do I don’t beat myself up about it,” he explains. As for the team’s overall struggles, FSS is missing a starter, Che Ewell ‘23, who plays a large role. The team also struggled with “hitting shots we normally make.” They spent extra time working on their shots and it ended up contributing to in-game success. “Those reps matter and I’m glad we put them in because it’s been important to our success as a team,” Marley says.

Balancing schoolwork and basketball has also been a challenge for Marley. “I try my best though to do some homework during free periods I have at school so I’m not up late doing homework,” he explains. However, he does enjoy the balance because “it helps me keep a schedule that I can stay on continuously.”

Friends Select basketball coach Percell Coles struggles to only name one skill that comes to mind when speaking about Marley on the court. “His best skills are his speed and ball-handling ability, so I think it’s two,” he says.

Marley’s teammates also speak very highly of his contributions to the team. Noah Bonner-Monastra 23’ notes, “Marley brings an unmatched energy to the team, helping the team come back in close games and always bringing energy [on] defense.”

Basketball is not Marley’s only sport – he also ran cross country this fall. “I don’t think I’ll be doing that next year,” he says. In school, Marley enjoys math classes. As for other hobbies, Marley meditates. “In the mornings I like to meditate so I’ll have a good start to my day. Some days I’m pressed for time so I might miss it, but I try to meditate for 5-10 minutes a day,” he explains. Marley also enjoys reading, driving around with his brother, watching South Park, scrolling aimlessly through social media, and spending time with his one-year-old pitbull named Biggie.