Marry Me, Lighthearted Crowd-Pleaser


Jennifer Lopez, the star of Marry Me. Free use image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

SPOILER ALERT: This review contains spoilers for the movie, Marry Me.

Marry Me, a new rom-com released this past February, follows protagonist Kat Valdez (Jennifer Lopez) whose new hit single, Marry Me, sung with Bastian (Maluma), her up-and-coming pop-star fiance, begins to climb the ranks. Charlie Gilbert, a divorced middle-school math teacher, gets dragged to their concert and public wedding by his daughter Lou. Things take a turn, when seconds before the ceremony, Kat Valdez learns her partner Bastian has been having an affair. In a moment of utter shock, anger, and insanity Kat locks eyes with Charlie, holding a “Marry Me” sign, and spontaneously marries him, saying I do. 

Marry Me combines good music, funny and relatable characters, and a classic movie love triangle, making it a worthwhile watch. The original songs in the movie are catchy and keep you entertained as the relationship develops between Charlie and Kat. Viewers watch Charlie, whose nerdy introverted personality that would seemingly clash with Kat’s overwhelming life full of fame, fall for Kat. You also get a glimpse into the gripping connection between Charlie and his daughter Lou. Charlie’s sarcastic and hilarious sidekick and best friend, Parker (Sarah Jessica Parker), completes the cast and movie by keeping you laughing throughout. 

After spinning the marriage roulette, Kat and Charlie find a way to overcome the many differences in their lifestyles, making this movie very compelling. Although Marry Me is completely unrealistic, beneath the surface, it reflects on how much humans need connection, no matter their differences. It is a reminder of hope and how far small acts of kindness and human decency can go. 

I highly suggest everyone say I do to this feel-good movie. It may be no classic rom-com, like Say Anything or Notting Hill, but Marry Me is a lighthearted crowd-pleaser. Anyone who watches this movie is guaranteed a good laugh and a smile as you watch two characters with very opposing lives, fall for each other.