Robotics Club Hosts Worm Competition


On Thursday, November 10, Lily Brin ‘23 and Marshall Searles ‘23 went head to head in a “Worm” competition in the senior hallway. The dance-off was a promotional event for the Robotics Club (@FSSGeorgeFoxbotics on Instagram). The Robotics Club competes in the FTC Robotics league, and one aspect of the competition is to present and share the love of robotics with school communities.

After the Robotics Club posted a music video to the song “Timber” by Pitbull on their Instagram page, Lily initiated a challenge via Instagram message. Marshall was quick to accept, and the time and place were agreed upon; promptly at 10:15, the start of break on Thursday morning. When the time for the competition came, the senior hallway was buzzing with excitement while Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger” played over a speaker. Event planner Juliene Jones ‘24,  described the feeling in the hallway as “unmatched.”

As Lily and Marshall stepped into the circle, tensions grew even higher. After a best-of-three rock-paper-scissors match, Marshall began his performance to DMX’s “Party Up.” He put on an excellent performance, worming both forwards and backwards. Ultimately, as decided by the crowd through applause, he was no match for Lily’s incredible handstand-to-worm transfer. When she made her switch down from the handstand into the worm, it was clear that the audience had chosen a winner.

Both Marshall and Lily felt that the competition had been a great success, with Marshall describing it as a “great experience, even though [he] lost.” Lily shared that it was “great to see the community come together.” Make sure to follow @FSSGeorgeFoxbotics for future Robotics competitions.