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A colored-in electoral college map representing the results of the 2020 election
Opinion: It’s Time for a National Popular Vote
Annie Rupertus, Co-Editor-in-Chief • January 12, 2021

November 6th, 2012. Fourth-grade me sits cross-legged on the couch, blue and red crayons in hand. Each time electoral results from a new state flash across the television...

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Please Don't Bury Me: On the Empathy of John Prine
C.C. Servon January 7, 2021

Most would not have predicted the overwhelming response to John Prine’s death. The songwriter, who first came into the consciousness of music fans after quitting his job as...

Albums of the Year 2020
The Falcon’s Albums of the Year 2020
Annie Rupertus, Peter Ryan, and C.C. Servon December 21, 2020

As the year of coronavirus comes to a close and people begin to reflect on the past twelve months, many turn their attention to one of the few constants of this tumultuous time:...

Wonder album cover
Shawn Mendes’ Wonder a Solid Fourth Album
Annie Rupertus, Co-Editor-in-Chief • December 17, 2020

"You have a million different faces / But they’ll never understand / Unless you let them in / You’ve been a million different places / So I guess I’ll have a chance to /...

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Victims’ Rights: Are the Consequences What We Intend?
Xaxa Smith January 12, 2021

On Election Day, voters in Philadelphia faced a ballot measure proposing the creation of an “Office of the Victim Advocate,” which would run out of Mayor Jim Kenney’s...

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Update: What Happened to Philadelphia's Encampment Protests?
Peter Ryan January 11, 2021

In the wake of May and June’s nationwide protests against racial injustice, nearly two hundred Philadelphians established a temporary encampment on Fairmount Park’s Von...

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Spring Greeney: A “Hands-On” Approach to Teaching
Spring Greeney: A “Hands-On” Approach to Teaching
Margot Schneider, Editor: Hard News & Sports • January 6, 2021

Spring Greeney, a self-proclaimed “curious, empathic introvert,” is Friends Select’s new 9th grade history teacher, the mastermind behind the Digital Archive project,...

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