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Smallpox to Covid: The Development of Vaccines

Elijah Gallagher December 1, 2021

The development of vaccines has come a long way since 1796 when the only way to become immune to smallpox was to have a cowpox wart scraped on your skin. Nowadays, all that’s required is a simple injection...

Malik Mubashshir, Upper School Religious Studies & History Teacher

Malik Mubashshir: Religious Thinker, Historian, Constant Reader

Zion Todd November 23, 2021

Today, Malik Mubashshir is in his 5th year teaching Comparative Religion, African-American History, and Peace and Social Justice at Friends Select. However, as a child, Malik thought teaching would be...

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Whistleblower Claims Facebook is Causing Harm and Destruction

Aidan Bobb November 22, 2021

In 2019, Mark Zuckerburg wrote an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal where he claimed, “We don't sell people's data.” Despite this, the company has repeatedly been fined by governments around the world...

Lynda Greenwade, Metalsmithing Teacher

Lynda Greenwade: Bringing Culture Abroad To Friends Select School

Stefan Widdicombe November 22, 2021

From being drawn to art at indigenous festivals (and having to be dragged away by her parents) to helping kids design and create their own art, Lynda Greenwade, Director of Cultural Curricular Programs...

Friends Select to Host Vaccine Clinic

Friends Select to Host Vaccine Clinic

Patrick Ryan November 19, 2021

Friends Select will host a vaccination clinic exclusively for students ages 5 to 11 on November 22nd. CVS Pharmacy staff will be on campus administering the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, which was...

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Whosoever Gospel Mission: Spreading Brotherly Love

Jonas Gruber November 18, 2021

If you are a man experiencing homelessness or otherwise disenfranchised in the Germantown area looking for a place to stay for the night, or for a hot meal, you need only look for the glowing ‘Jesus...

Yan Huang, Upper School Mandarin Teacher

Yan Huang: Lover of Chinese Culture

Mingcan Li November 17, 2021

In the summer of 1978 in Shenzhen, China, Yan Huang was an elementary school student when she read the first comic book of her life. She was deeply attracted by the traditional Chinese drawings and cultural...

Class of 2025: New StuGov and Class Officers

Class of 2025: New StuGov and Class Officers

Margot Schneider and Zoe Siegel November 16, 2021

This fall, the freshman class elected 4 new Student Government representatives and Class Officers. Each student brings individual skills and interests to their positions, as well as projects or goals...

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The Wheres and Whys of Friends Select Student College Choices

Ian Lamont November 15, 2021

Seniors line the hall, faces aglow from their computer screens. Everyone is writing a different college application. This moment is months in the making, hours upon hours of research have been spent by...

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Finding What You Love in Daily Life: Global Engagement in Philadelphia

Nadia Sumner November 12, 2021

It is a bright shining summer day in the ‘City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection.’ As someone walks around and moves in the crowd, they see people bustling through Center City to get to parks...

Advanced Calculus Class.

The Impact of Covid-19 on Learning and Well-Being

Margot Schneider, Editor-in-Chief November 10, 2021

A year ago, students took classes from their bedrooms. They could position themselves comfortably, manage their schedules individually, and learn from the comfort of their homes. Now, while students sit...

Poop Map: A New Social Media Platform

Poop Map: A New Social Media Platform

Patrick Ryan October 28, 2021

Created by Nino Uzelac, Poop Map is a free-to-download app on the App Store and Google Play Store. It allows users to interact both privately and publicly with others around the world, and it connects...

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