Pets of Friends Select: Companions During Covid-19

Dogs: The Winners of COVID

by Mia Cohen

Due to the introduction of the coronavirus into the United States, and the attendant quarantine to which most people have been subjected, most human contact has nearly ceased to exist. However, because human beings crave connections and are looking for ways to make their quarantine experience more tolerable, many have turned to four-legged companionship in the form of “man’s best friend” – the dog. Since the inception of COVID19, dog adoption and sales have spiked. The Washington Post says that “shelters, nonprofits rescues, private breeders, pet stores — all reported more consumer demand than there were dogs and puppies to fill it.” People are trying to fill the void of human interaction with pet interaction, and dogs are perfectly (and willing) suited for the role. 

When my family got our dog, Jojo Rollins Iverson Cohen, two years ago, we never thought she would play the important role in our lives that she has since the pandemic began. Aside from being a true friend and world-class cuddler, Jojo meaningfully serves as a distraction from everything going on in the world. She provides my family with emotional support in a time with limited social interaction. Whether we go for a long walk to get out of the house, we run around the basement and laugh or we grab a snack on my bed (well, I eat, she stares longingly), Jojo is the omnipresent force for happiness and distraction. Overall, Jojo has been a great source of happiness in these unsure and otherwise lonely times. 

Long Walks

by Madison Scheuer

With the United States still in quarantine almost a year after the initial shut down, I sometimes find myself forgetting to go outside. To get myself out of the house, I decided to dedicate an hour or two each day to take my dog for a walk throughout my neighborhood both for my mental health, and the health of my dog. I use these walks as a way to gather my thoughts and my dog enjoys the new places that we find. One of his most favorite spots is by the community baseball field because he’s met a few dogs in the surrounding houses, and he enjoyed our most recent walk because of all of the snow on the ground. 

During these walks, I try not to think about school or other things that might be stressing me out. I always wear headphones and I listen to a playlist of a lot of my favorite songs. There’s nothing in particular that I think about, when I listen to music I try and pick out which instruments are being played but most of the time my thoughts wander. Once I get home I don’t think much of these walks, though I feel well-rested and more refreshed after getting a taste of fresh air. I hope to continue these walks after quarantine, even if I only go on them once a week.