Infographic: Feminism Club Student Survey Results

This infographic presents information collected this fall by the Feminism Club from 70% of our student body. Feminism Club recently visited a faculty and administration meeting to give a presentation about gender discrimination at FSS. Lily Brin ’23, Annalise DiCicco ’23, Eva Verstegen ’24, Sofia Solari-Parravicini ’23, and I were the presenters, but the entire club has been working on it for months. In the meeting, we presented these charts; anonymous statements given by students; broader themes of misogyny at FSS and their significance; details and examples for each theme; and options for next steps, including a self-evaluation checklist. We ended the presentation with a Q&A period.

One conscious step Feminism Club has taken is publicizing the information for both faculty and students. These steps were taken in the hopes that we can cause tangible, permanent change against misogyny at FSS and facilitate an environment that matches the level of equity our school claims to uphold.