The Little Mermaid Jr. Comes to the Blauvelt Theater


This afternoon marks the first in-person musical at Friends Select since the spring of 2019, so make sure to come out to see The Little Mermaid Jr.

The show tells the story of Disney’s The Little Mermaid, with some minor alterations and cuts. However, the Friend Select theater department has lost none of the charm or excitement in this adaptation. 

The show’s cast has many long-time participants in the FSS theater program, but the lead role of Ariel is being played by a first-time performer Atia Osborne ’24. Atia will be supported by actors and actresses such as Bella Robinson ’22 playing Ursula and Cal Hawkins ’25 playing Prince Eric. Atia says, “Our cast and crew members are such amazing people; they’re all so encouraging, supportive, and so great at what they do.” Regarding crew, the lights will be run by May Colgan ’23 and Technical Theater Director Max Budnick,  along with the Upper School Stage Crew. 

The show’s runtime is approximately one hour with no intermission. Showtimes are Thursday (4/21) and Friday (5/22) both at 6 pm, and a Saturday (5/23) matinee at 2 pm. Tickets are five dollars for students and eight dollars for non-students. 

Atia hopes that she sees the whole Upper School at the show, saying “We’ve all put so much hard work into putting on this musical for the FSS community, friends, family, and everyone under the sea, so we really hope everyone comes to the show!”

Buy your tickets here and check out the theater department’s Instagram!