Mia Cohen (’21) Leads Falcons with Perfect Game


Rachel Luce ('21)

Left to right: Hannah Seig ('20), Mia Cohen ('21)

Peter Ryan, Staff Writer

On April 29th, the Friends Select Falcons’ softball team defeated the Little Flower Sentinels 16-0. The Sentinels recorded zero runs and zero hits, and found no other way to reach a base at any point in the game.

In baseball and softball, a game in which the opposing team does not gain a hit or a walk and are never hit by a pitch is called a perfect game. To throw a perfect game is an extremely rare accomplishment; only eighteen have been thrown in Major League Baseball since 1945.

In the Falcons’ victory over Little Flower, Mia Cohen (‘21) threw her first perfect game for Friends Select. Although a perfect game is seen as an individual achievement, Mia was helped by a stout defense; in their last five games, the Falcons have allowed an average of 1.2 runs per game.

Along with Mia’s strong performance, the offense was highly productive. Margot Schneider (’22) drove in 3 runs on 2 hits, while Mia, Annie Rupertus (’21), Sofia Rodriguez-Burno (’20), and Zoe Tzanis (’20) all drove in 2 runs.

The Falcons are still in contention for state playoffs and the Friends League championship. Friends Select’s softball team have made the playoffs ten years in a row and have won two Friends League championships in that time, making them one of Friends Select’s most successful sports teams.