Making Change: Student Government Update

This infographic, created by Lulu Nonemaker, shows the pathway ideas pass through when changing school policies. The information summarized information from student representatives and administrators. All images in this infographic are labeled for free use. Other visuals were created using Photoshop.

Now that freshman elections are finished and the Friends Select Student Government has a full body, student representatives are eager to incite change and progress in the school community. There are already a few projects that stand out as Student Government’s current major focuses.

Although it is early in the year, Student Government has already approved a commitment to keeping assemblies and devotions periods to 35 minutes or less; this came after repeated complaints from FSS students that some clubs had a tendency to let assemblies run into break time. 

Another short term goal is to provide easily accessible answers for students’ “Frequently Asked Questions.”  This information will likely be posted in the “Upper School 2019-20” class on Canvas, which all upper school students are a part of.

Some members of the Student Government have turned their focus to the improvement of the WiFi network at FSS. This committee is led by Corey Becker (‘22), Julian Haurin (‘21), and Ian Lamont (‘22). At the moment, the WiFi committee is primarily concerned with feasibility and cost questions.

If you wish to see any changes made at Friends Select, whether they feel big or small, please contact your grade Student Government representatives. If you are unsure who these students are, their names and email addresses are listed below.


Claire McHarg (‘20) [email protected]

Alec Kane (‘20) [email protected]

Chloe Zhang (‘20) [email protected]

Minas Macos (‘20) [email protected]

Jeremy Cohen (‘21) [email protected]

Julian Haurin (‘21) [email protected]

Tony Lian (‘21) [email protected]

Peter Ryan (‘21) [email protected] 

Corey Becker (‘22) [email protected]

Margot Schneider (‘22) [email protected]

Ian Lamont (‘22) [email protected]

Chris Crisden (‘22) [email protected]

May Colgan (‘23) [email protected]

Charlie Chen (‘23) [email protected] 

Sofia Solari-Parravicini (‘23) [email protected]

AJ Caldwell (‘23) [email protected]