AACE Presents Art for Charity Concert


AACE, Arts and Action for Charity of Education, is a club devoted to fighting educational disparities with student action. In February of 2019, the Friends Select Music Club, which preceded AACE, hosted the first Art for Charity Concert, raising more than $500 for Children’s Scholarship Fund Philadelphia. This year, AACE hopes to continue to support low-income Philadelphia families by raising funds that offer access to quality educational programming.

AACE hopes to do more in 2020 to help the CSFP and the families who benefit from their financial aid. Since AACE’s first meeting, they have been working extremely hard to produce a concert as well received as last year’s. The Art for Charity Concert 2020 is a student-led concert composed of both classical and pop selections, including two original pieces written by students at Friends Select. At Art for Charity, we will showcase some of the best musical talents at Friends Select. 

While AACE is raising money to donate to Children’s Scholarship Fund Philadelphia, they also hope that by hosting this concert, members of the FSS community could learn more about the financial disparities in their own communities.

Be sure to attend the concert on February 13th from 6-8pm in Blauvelt Theater!