Seniors Prepare for Spring Internships

As graduation approaches, seniors are contacting companies and institutions to acquire opportunities for their upcoming internships. Senior Internships are a decade-long tradition at Friends Select and are mandatory for every member of the graduating class. Seniors take their final exams one month early in order to leave enough time for their internships. 

The degree of freedom given to seniors in this process is enormous: they craft the emails content themselves and send those emails to companies and institutions they like. 

“I sent out my email and the institution replied right back. It’s insane to think the place where I fell in love with theatre at a young age, is the place where I am going to spend my senior internship.” said Yannick Haynes. 

Oliver Qu wants to give back, saying, “I am going to volunteer at MANNA. I eat at the dining hall every day and I know how hard and tiring preparing food can be, so I want to spend the last month of my high school preparing food for others.”

Other seniors plan to gain real-world work experience. Alec Kane is going to work at an immigration law firm, Akhilesh Khambekar and Andrew Raine are planning to participate in a Penn nano-technology lab. 

“I am really excited to go out there and learn skills that I know could be used in the future,” said Andrew.