Cauldron: Call for Submissions!


Image Courtesy of Public Domain.

For more than one hundred years, FSS students have been writing for Cauldron, the annual school literary magazine. The club’s twelve members are in the process of compiling this year’s magazine, aiming to receive works from both students and faculty members.

“Instead of being like a concert or an art show, Cauldron is something you can take home with you at the end of the day,” explains Olivia Maltz ‘20, one of the leaders of Cauldron Club.

Cauldron is released at the end of the school year and is a year-long project. The process of creating Cauldron includes five rounds of editing and collaboration with a professional publisher.

Olivia realizes that some students are hesitant to share their writing in a public setting due to fear and embarrassment — as a writer herself, she can relate to the worry. However, she does not think fear should limit students from submitting their work: “Now when I look back at what I wrote, even if I cringe, I still see the effort I put into it and how it paid off.”

In order to encourage students to submit their work, Cauldron Club asked teachers to offer extra credit to students and promised to release a writing piece from the “legendary Ralph Reinwald,” if enough pieces are submitted.

Cauldron allows students to present their writing abilities across styles. Students at FSS write all year in classes and Cauldron is a prime opportunity to showcase a favorite assignment or individual work.

Students can submit their work via email to Olivia ([email protected]) or Lewis Shaw ‘21 ([email protected]).