Friends Select Announces School Closure on November 3rd, Election Day

All three divisions of Friends Select School will be closed on November 3rd to allow teachers and students to participate in the United States general election, according to an email sent to families by Michael Gary this afternoon. This decision comes in response to a letter written by a group of upper school affinity groups and clubs that was sent to the administration on Thursday, October 15th. 

Michael Gary’s letter states that this decision was made based on “what it means for us as a Quaker school to be able to participate in this fundamentally important civic process.” Michael noted that civic participation and involvement in social justice are in alignment with Friends Select’s mission, and he encouraged community members to take safety precautions if they choose to participate in the election in person.

The open letter from affinity groups and clubs identified the importance of providing eligible voters and student activists with ample time to use their voices in the democratic process. Its full contents can be read here.