Cathedral Place Development Continues Across From 1700


Giovanni Fornia

Construction site at the corner of 17th and Race St.

Phase one of the two-phase construction project for Cathedral Place across from 1700 is well underway. The Archdiocese of Philadelphia sold the land to developers and construction began in early 2020.

One Cathedral Place, the building currently in construction for phase one, is planned to be a residential building with a ground floor retail space. The 23-floor tower will stand at 245 feet, about as tall as the Drexel building, bordering the school. The building will house 273 units. In addition to the main building, an outdoor green space will be open to the public.1 This is all being realized currently.

“We are very happy with the project to date, everything is moving along as scheduled,” according to Kevin Urso, Development Manager for Exeter Property Group, the company overseeing the project. Shortly, we should expect to see windows being installed and floors going up. The completion date for this project is anticipated for 2024, but this is not the end for Cathedral Place development.

Phase two of the project is more substantial than phase one. The proposed mixed-use office and residential skyscraper will alter the Philadelphia skyline. Standing at 34 floors tall, Two Cathedral Place will be more than double the height of its neighbor, the Sheraton. The building is designed by Solomon Coldwell Buenz, a world-renowned architecture firm. Phase two also includes an expansion to the public space being built in phase one. Expansion of this size will impact the greater community.2

The overall outlook of the effect of the expansion is positive according to Chris Singler, Director of Upper School. Chris believes that multi-use development in places like the “dead zones” around the Vine Street Expressway is important for a healthy city. Although, when looking through the view of the school, there are some drawbacks to the proposed project, according to Chris: “Not as good of a view of the Basilica… increased wind… and potentially higher rents,” though the project is “as a whole, a welcome change.”

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