School District Schedule Changes: Will They Affect Friends Select?


Free Use Image Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

On Thursday, September 20, 2021, parents, teachers and other Philadelphia School District staff were suddenly alerted to the addition of 6 new half days to the school’s schedule. 

There was very little notice given to everyone involved before the changes were made. Similar changes had been proposed to the same group before and had been vetoed, for many reasons. Especially because of its short notice. 

Sonia Rosen, who is a parent of three school-age children, told WHYY that she believed the changes were made “without really doing anything to fill that time for parents [who have] already set aside their childcare arrangements, is not actually a great way to do things.” This was in response to the earlier plan proposed by the school board with half days every other Friday instead. This plan ended up not going through though, because that many half days would need to be voted through by the school board, which failed to happen. But, only six days did not need school board approval and were quickly instituted. 

Since Friends Select School has been known to have days off in tandem with The Philadelphia School District, at least when it comes to snow days and two-hour delays, it might not be a far reach to assume the new changes to the schedule of Philadelphia public schools will affect FSS as well. However, they will not. 

According to Erin Pratt, Upper School Associate Director, “Our schedule and activities are not dependent on the School District of Philadelphia.” Although FSS has snow days and two-hour delays in common with the public school system, their schedules are not intertwined.