Fob Frenzy: Upper School Students Given New Access

On 9/24 the administration gave all Upper School students key fobs for easy access to both the main school building and 1700. This is the first time that this level of access has been given to students. 

Chris Singler, Upper School Director, said, “It should feel like when you’re in high school here, you have more privileges… It really fits with our ethos of trusting students, and our building leave policy.” 

Students are responsible for the devices and must pay a $50 dollar replacement fee if lost. While the new front lobby just received a scanner, the 1700 building has had something similar in years past. When asked about why these were given out now as opposed to years prior, Chris said, “The new Director of Facilities, Read DeSabato, when I put it to him he was all about it… he got the vendor to come in.” Another deciding factor was cost-saving. There is no longer the need for a full-time faculty member to buzz people in at the 1700 building, and now those funds can be allocated more towards departments that need it.

When students were asked the question of how the fobs have impacted their day-to-day lives, there were some mixed opinions. Zion Todd ‘22, said, ”I think it’s good because we can get into 1700 easier, and I guess it adds more security.”

Ian Lamont ‘22, said, “I don’t think they have impacted the student body much, sometimes it’s easier to get into buildings but otherwise it’s not that different.” Many students also complained about never having the device be easily accessible in their bags or pockets.

Singler touched on the possible security benefits added by these fobs, saying, “We’ll continue to discuss using the fobs responsibly and how to remain street smart and aware of your surroundings.”

Correction: In an earlier version of this article, The Falcon incorrectly wrote Ray DeSabato. The Director of Facilities is Read DeSabato.