Wawa Roundtable: Recommendations from The Falcon

Friends Select students buy from Wawa on a daily basis. Casual trips to and from this beloved convenience store throughout the day are no uncommon thing. Some students have a standard go-to order while others like to mix it up with each trip. The Falcon team shares our recommendations and preferences with you all. 

Illustrated by TJ Hampton in Adobe Fresco.


My Wawa order is quite short, one toasted everything bagel with butter and either a hot mocha cappuccino or iced coffee. I know it may seem simple, some may even say boring, but there is detailed thought that has gone into this everyday purchase. 

I’m a bagel lover and have tried bagels from various different stores with similar proximity to school. Most notably Dunkin’ and Starbucks. While cute, Dunkin’s bagel bites aren’t a fulfilling meal. And though the Starbucks bagels are admittedly toasted to perfection and appropriately sprinkled with everything seasoning, the customer must spread their own butter, and sometimes I just don’t have the time to evenly spread butter as I rush to my next class. 

Additionally, Wawa allows me to customize my coffee, specifically with the hot drink selection. I can choose from a myriad of flavors to get just to my liking and my order is never more than $5-$6. Though my order may not be exciting, it’s one of the few constants I have in my days. Wawa is an efficient, reasonably priced, and delicious option for lunch as an FSS student.


Wawa is a go-to for any snack or drink, but if I had to pick one order, here it is: I love the breaded chicken sandwiches, I usually get one with extra provolone cheese. That was my go-to snack after a long summer work shift, usually ending after midnight. The slightly toasted bread combines perfectly with the crispy chicken and the unique cheese taste. Some say provolone has no taste, but I simply disagree. It might not be as flavorful as other popular cheeses, but it is perfect for a sandwich with other strong tastes. 

I also love their chocolate chip muffins. I get one every day that I can; every morning break during the school week consists of a Wawa trip to get my muffin. My day goes all out of sorts without any food in between breakfast and lunch.

Besides those two snacks, unique only to Wawa, I love Reese’s peanut butter cups, fruit snacks, and every once in a while a strawberry push pop. There are tons of other snacks, drinks, and meals that I enjoy from Wawa, but nothing tops these five if I’m just looking for a snack or a quick lunch meal.


My go-to Wawa order is as follows: a buffalo chicken wrap, a go-go squeeze, a hummus + pretzels combo, and if you are feeling something sweet, some chocolate-covered almonds. Each of these items brings a special component to the meal that makes it convenient and enjoyable to eat. Allow me to explain.

The buffalo chicken wrap is the main body of the meal. Although I am a big fan of the customized hoagies, this wrap is quick, easy to grab, and quite tasty. The chicken has a nice buffalo flavor to it, with some lettuce casually thrown in. The go-go squeeze acts as the “drink” of the meal. It is a bit sweet and can be downed in just a minute, giving you the spark of energy that you may need in the middle of the day. The hummus and pretzel combo is the other substantial portion of the meal. The dippable, crunchy pretzels with the smooth, cool hummus are satisfying, filling, and largely mess-free. Then, throw in the container of dark chocolate almonds for a final touch if that is appealing to you that day. The nice thing about these is that the container is large and shareable, meaning you can store it in your locker afterward and have an almond or two whenever you are feeling it.

The theme of my Wawa meal is clearly convenience and ease. While moving through the hustle and bustle of a school day, lunch is not something I often have a ton of time to think about, or to eat, for that matter. Wawa serves the perfect purpose of providing quick, yet quite tasty, food to keep you moving. You can always find something you like and something that serves your needs.


I don’t have a particular sandwich I get at Wawa. I tend to get a ‘Shorti’ because I can’t finish anything more. I bounce between ham and turkey, and I don’t have a specific set of toppings. However, one thing I almost always get on my sandwich is cucumbers. (Not pickles, although I’ll often get those too, but always cucumbers.) They add moisture to the sandwich, they have crunch, and they are circular, the perfect shape for a topping in a hoagie. They also have very little flavor, so they go with most toppings, making the cucumber an easy way to add more texture to a sandwich. 


My Wawa order nearly always consists of a chicken sandwich along with various snacks or drinks. A chicken sandwich usually takes no more than fifteen minutes with the line at Wawa, and I try to keep my order simple in the interest of time. On this chicken sandwich, I enjoy ordering mayonnaise and pickles along with an occasional avocado on top (if the line is short enough). I sometimes grab a yogurt if I’m very hungry, so this is often a once-a-week tradition. For most of the week, however, I will instead buy some sort of fruit drink depending on what I’m craving. I think that this fruit drink ties in nicely with the chicken sandwich, providing a meal that is healthy and filling, yet not too heavy as to limit my sports ability after class is over.


I would say I have certain Wawa’s depending on how much I have to enjoy them, and what my plans are for later that day. If I have school I get a 5 piece chicken tenders, but if I don’t feel like waiting I get the chicken bites near the cashier. I also get a sprite almost every day. I know some will say that’s not healthy, but I love the flavor of it and I’ve been drinking since I was six.  For a sweet treat, I get a chocolate chip cookie but sometimes it takes a  long time to make. So I normally leave without it. Lastly, near the cashier, there are soft pretzels which are amazing. My advice is to go for the more salted ones. I normally get the two-pack to help get me through my double. 

If I go to the Wawa near my house I normally get a grilled chicken sandwich, adding on cheddar cheese, lettuce, and Ketchup. I also add Chula hot sauce once I’m home. I order a 16 oz Chocolate Milkshake to reward myself for the rough school days. To add to that I get a bottle of Sprite and a two-pack pretzel. I don’t have to wait long for the sandwich or the milkshake. I wait maybe 10 minutes max, and then I walk home and eat my lunch in my backyard. 


The Wawa Sizzli; the breakfast of champions. Waking up at 6:00 am on a Monday morning is always rough, but the best way to solve that is definitely a Wawa trip. Right near the register, on a heated shelf will be a little blue box, filled with deliciousness. A flakey croissant, split in two, with egg, sausage, and cheese in between. It may sound like a basic breakfast sandwich, but the Sizzli tops all others. It is cooking to perfection, and still warm when you receive it. The best part is definitely the croissant and paired with the other items, this is the perfect Wawa order.