Thanksgiving: The Superior Holiday


TJ Hampton

Illustrated in Adobe Fresco.

There are over fifteen nationally recognized holidays, but only one can be the best: I argue that it is, without a doubt, Thanksgiving. I must start this article by admitting that I am biased as I don’t celebrate Christmas. Many argue that Christmas is miles ahead of Thanksgiving, and say that I don’t have a fair opinion as I haven’t experienced it, but I believe I have enough knowledge of the Christmas spirit to make a fair decision. Thanksgiving is a holiday full of food, family, and fun.

To start things off, the food. You’ve got mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, gravy, corn, dinner rolls, cranberry sauce, stuffing, pumpkin pie, and of course, the turkey. A Thanksgiving dinner gives you everything you’d want in a meal. It offers a perfect mix of sweet and savory and you leave the table feeling very full and very satisfied. You can munch on some of the tastiest foods while chatting with your favorite cousin or distant relative.

Another perk is the time off for Thanksgiving break. FSS students and faculty have five days off from school, which gives a taste of Winter break. The break falls at a great time when it isn’t too cold but also not too hot; a final stretch right before a long period of freezing weather. The break gives enough time to get away from school work and stress but doesn’t throw you out of the loop. Winter break, although longer, centers around multiple holidays, whereas Thanksgiving break centers around one. 

The family gathering aspect of Thanksgiving is what makes it better than any other holiday. Yes, many other holidays have family dinners and/or reunions, but Thanksgiving adds an extra element of thankfulness and gratitude for those family members. Thanksgiving is a time to not only see family members that you haven’t seen in months but also a time to be thankful for those people. 

Many consider Christmas to be the best holiday, and although I don’t celebrate it, I have seen and heard enough to know why Thanksgiving is better. Christmas is cheerful and sweet but also very stressful. Having to buy presents for everyone and the pressure of buying the right present adds a negative layer to the holiday spirit. Thanksgiving comes with no stress and no strings attached. Halloween is another popular holiday choice, yet this one also comes with many negatives. Halloween lasts one day (really just a few hours at most) and there is no time off for the spooky day. Thanksgiving, although one day long as well, gives everyone at Friends Select five days off and precedes Black Friday and Cyber Monday, two fun shopping days. Thanksgiving also gives special football games for everyone to enjoy as they devour some turkey and mashed potatoes.

While I stand by my argument that Thanksgiving is simply the best holiday with good food and family time, it is essential to acknowledge that the history of Thanksgiving can not be thought of positively. The modern aspects that so many of us enjoy today are fraught with a history of oppression and white supremacy.  While we enjoy this time with family and friends, it is important to step back and remember what has been lost for those who are not celebrating.