Gender Equity Club Hosts Jewelry Sale for Charity


Image by Lily Brin ’23.

A few weeks ago, the Gender Equity Club (GEC) and Beading & Crafts Club collectively hosted a jewelry sale to raise money for the National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center.

The idea of a jewelry sale came about when the clubs were brainstorming fundraiser ideas to fund an upcoming club project. They couldn’t do a bake sale due to Covid, so Lily Brin ‘23, co-leader of GEC, says that they “had to get a little innovative.” Being the co-leader of the Beading & Crafts club as well, she came up with the unique idea to sell the club’s jewelry projects. The fundraiser made $360.

When picking the organization to receive the donations, Lily says, “We wanted to branch out into the greater world instead of focusing on our school community.” GEC’s original goal was always to support indigenous women, especially missing and murdered indigenous women, in order to honor the victims and shed light on the injustices that indigenous women face. They landed on the National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center because of its large scale and trustworthy reputation and motives.

Going forward, Gender Equity Club is going to talk about different movements that support women from all backgrounds and delve into different types of feminism. With part of GEC’s mission being “to educate students on the ways different people can be affected by patriarchy and other oppressive systems in our society,” they hope to present information about indigenous women to the Upper School at some point in the future.