Breaking News: New Covid Protocols for FSS Community

This past week, the Friends Select administration sent out 2 letters to FSS families: one from Head of School Michael Gary to the entire FSS community and another from Director of Upper School Chris Singler only to the Upper School. These letters restate existing COVID-19 protocols and establish new ones. 

Both letters reiterate the strict requirement of proper mask-wearing at all times inside the building, including during athletics, and introduce a new recommendation to wear 3-ply surgical masks or double-layered masks due to their added safety. Students will no longer be able to wear single-layered cloth masks. It also reminds students to continue to truthfully fill out their Ruvna surveys daily, even if absent. 

The letter sent only to the Upper School has specific suggestions in regards to indoor eating. When possible, it is strongly recommended that students eat outside and socialize only once done with their meal. For students who do eat in the dining hall, there are new staggered times: 1:00-1:20 for 9th and 10th grade and 1:25-1:45 for 11th and 12th grade. Students are also reminded to sip drinks and eat snacks outside and in between classes rather than in the classroom. 

Additionally, all lunch clubs and large gatherings such as assemblies and devotions are canceled this week

The school asks parents to keep their children at home if they have cold-like symptoms and to test negative for COVID and honestly assess if their symptoms are improving before returning to campus. The school notes that students may be sent home if they come to school with symptoms or develop them throughout the day

Michael Gary’s letter strongly encourages vaccination of all children 5 years and older and boosters for 12 and up. They ask that copies of vaccination cards be sent to Nurse Kelly Papianou as there will be additional protocols for eligible but unvaccinated students. Starting the week of January 17th, the eligible unvaccinated students are required to report a negative test result weekly in order to attend their classes

As people return to the building after winter break, administrators remind families to follow the Community Commitment, which includes but is not limited to, getting tested after traveling or large social gatherings and continuing to mask and distance in public spaces.

Michael concludes his letter with thanks to FSS families for their compliance and support in maintaining the health and safety of the community.