Breaking News: Social Justice Week Postponed, Quarter 3 to Begin Earlier


Original Design by Editor-in-Chief Annie Rupertus ’21

Social Justice Week has been postponed until the spring. According to Upper School Director Chris Singler, increased cases due to the omicron variant surge raised concerns about running programming and made utilizing resources and organizations in the city difficult. The tentative new date is March 21st through March 24th. 

“We are experiencing a lot of absenteeism with students and a couple of faculty… Students are so central to the planning of social justice week, and already there are students that are out and will be out for at least a week…Both Toni and Margaret thought it would make a safer, better program if we wait. There will be more things open in the world,” says Chris. 

The school will be closed on Monday, January 24th, the day that was meant to be the MLK teach-in day and the beginning of Social Justice Week. This will allow teachers to prepare for the second semester, and students will have off. The second semester and third quarter will start Tuesday, January 25th. 

Chris adds, “Teacher energy is an amazing resource at this school. If there are ways to conserve teacher energy, we will have a better academic program. It takes a lot of energy to transition from a semester to a Social Justice Week to a new semester. We were trying to limit those transitions.”