The Wilds Season Two Review

Courtesy of Piqsels

Courtesy of Piqsels

Last year, I wrote a glowing review of The Wilds debut season, which came out in December 2020. Unfortunately, as I sit to write the new seasons review, I am not quite as enthusiastic as before. The show follows a group of eight teenage girls, coined the “unsinkable 8,” who plan to go on an empowering retreat called “The Dawn of Eve” in Hawaii until their plane crashes on a seemingly deserted island. What the girls don’t know is that it is all a part of a twisted social experiment. On the very last episode of the first season, it is revealed that there was simultaneously a group of eight teenage boys on “The Dawn of Adam” retreat, stranded on the opposite side of the island.  

I have anticipated the release of this new season for a year and a half and have looked forward to watching the plot continue to unfold. Unfortunately, half of the show was wasted with the directionless and scrambled plot for the boys’ side of the island. The first season really focused on the girls’ survival and mysterious nature of their plane crash. However, the plot for the boys fully focused on their interpersonal conflicts, undeniably unlikable characters, and their drama from back home. It took time away from the quality content of the girls’ adventures. 

Even though the girls’ plot is significantly more polished and well thought out, there were still a few useless bland sub-plots such as one character going into an essentially self induced coma after killing an animal. I didn’t understand why she really fell into this coma, nor the importance, relevance, or intrigue of it. I found myself bored – something I never experienced in season one. 

One thing I did appreciate about season two, though, was the improved acting of the actresses. In the first season, there were countless cringe-worthy moments where I had to pause the show just so I could cringe. In season two, this happened very minimally if at all. 

Overall, did I enjoy the new season and finish all eight episodes in less than 24 hours? Yes, of course. Do I heavily recommend that you watch it immediately on Amazon Prime? Absolutely. But I am disappointed, as I waited so long only to be predictably let down by the men.