Music Podcast: Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

This podcast is a conversation about Kanye West and more specifically his album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. We had Stefan Widdicombe on as a guest to give his insight and opinions on Kanye. He brought a slightly different opinion, as he is partial to the album 808s and Heartbreak. We started off talking about Kanye as a person and his recent documentary jeen-yuhs. The documentary details his early career with the making of his first album, The College Dropout, his relationship with his mom, and even his later career and some of the mental struggles he has had. Then we moved on to the main part which was our album ranking and review. We ranked some of our favorite and least favorite songs, talked about what aspects we loved, and what made the album special. We then ended with our predictions for his future and a reflection on if any of our thoughts have changed after the conversation. This podcast was edited in Garageband.