Welcome To The 2022-23 School Year


Dear Friends Select Community,

Welcome back to a new school year and another year of The Falcon

The Falcon is focused on publishing accurate and unbiased news, opinionated articles on various topics, creative visual media, and much more to the Friends Select community and beyond. In our work, we aim to uplift voices in our community and produce numerous pieces of content throughout every week. Our purpose is to improve our journalistic skills as young writers.

This year, we hope to display more investigative composition and collaborate with other student organizations within the school, giving groups an outlet to share their work with the wider public. We also wish to give prominence to the multimedia section of our website, expanding our platform as a modern newspaper and creating video content for all to learn from and enjoy.

We welcome all of our unique members’ perspectives and hope for them to be enthusiastic and excited writing on topics that specifically interest them, such as recent news, sports, arts, and politics. If you wish to get involved, we meet every Thursday during lunch in Laura Desimine’s room in the lower level of the STEAM building. During our meetings, we brainstorm several ideas and set apart time to work together on our publications.

We wish the community well in all endeavors this year and urge you to continue learning as you create, collaborate, and consider the world around you.

The Editorial Staff 

Jakob, Lily, Patrick, and Uma