Roundtable: How Do You Get Into the Holiday Spirit?


Courtesy of Flickr

Lily Brin ’23:

Even though the winter holidays are rapidly approaching, the weather is cold and unpredictable, there is no snow, shorter days, and still not a ton of decorations. I frequently find it difficult to throw myself into a winter-holiday season vibe coming right out of Halloween and still coping with the fact that fall is truly coming to an end. However, I have found a few tactics to help me kick off the season right: Pulling out an old sweater I haven’t worn all year, switching my drink orders to hot rather than iced, listening to good Christmas music, and burrowing under the blankets during a break day. 

It is important during the colder and darker months to brighten the days with lots of warmth and festivities. Seeing family and friends, watching good TV, or decorating a room is always relaxing and enjoyable. I have lit fairy lights around the full perimeter of my room, and I’ve brought in a few extra blankets. I am so excited to dive into the coming months of holidays and fun!

Jakob Miller ’23

I love the holiday season because it seems to be the one time during the year where everyone is happy and joy is promoted to all. A smile is always put on my face when walking past a restaurant and hearing Christmas music or listening to carols in the Christmas Village. Although I personally don’t celebrate Christmas, I admire and enjoy the excitement that comes with the holiday. 

The holiday season is also a great time to cherish time with family and friends. Something about the decorations and holiday spirit makes me appreciate the people around me so much more. I’m looking forward to enjoying as much time as possible with my close circle as the holiday season arrives.

Patrick Ryan ’24

On the Sunday after Thanksgiving, my family hosts an in-between holiday party, which we call “Tannenbaum Sunday.” We buy and decorate our Christmas tree, listen to Christmas music, and make the entire house more festive. The name “Tannenbaum” comes from the song O’ Tannenbaum, which means “Oh fir tree/Christmas Tree” in German. That is why we eat German food, sausages, pretzels, and latkes. The annual tradition of listening to my dad attempt to explain the differences among the sausages, which he himself does not know, always gets me ready for the holiday season.

Sam Goldwert ’25

I personally dislike the month of November, as it’s very stressful for me with the end of the first quarter and the weather every day, freezing in the morning but warm in the afternoon. As I watch the pumpkin-spice flavored foods slowly disappear and be replaced with minty Christmas treats, it gives me a little bit more of a motivation boost to make it through November, with winter break just in the distance. 

I like to get myself into the holiday spirit by buying my favorite seasonal foods and drinking hot chocolate or other festive beverages. I also love brainstorming Hanukkah gifts for my family and the feeling of wearing a cozy sweater for the first time each winter. And, reluctantly, I will admit, I do secretly enjoy classic Christmas pop music. Being Jewish never stopped anyone from loving Mariah Carey!

Uma Vincent ’23

This year, I’ll be getting into the holiday spirit by staying warm and close to my loved ones. Last year, I suffered through the cold season without the proper winter attire, a.k.a. a puffer coat. I learned my lesson through extensive shivering, and this year I have one for myself. In addition to this, I’ve been into drinking hot tea. Not only is a cup of tea comforting and delicious, it can also help stave off the common winter cold or congestion. My favorite kind of tea can be made at home by chopping up some ginger and putting it in hot water, then adding lemon juice and honey. Another crucial part of the holidays for me is getting together with friends and family. Whether it’s a Friendsgiving dinner or Secret Santa, the winter season (and every season) is a convenient time to let your people know how much you appreciate them.

Lena Kinser ’23

To get into the swing of the Holiday season, I first wait for the weather to get cold. Then, I bring out my sweaters. Oversized, knitted, it does not matter; I’m just happy to wear them. As soon as it gets dark out, I light my candles, glowing in our house. One of my favorite parts of winter is the smell of candles, while I lie under a warm blanket. They make a room cozy. On the weekends, especially when it’s very chilly, my mom lights a fire and she, my cats, and I get comfortable on the couch. Then we put on our favorite Christmas movies: Love Actually and Family Stone!

Asher Frank ’24

Even though my family doesn’t really decorate for the holidays, we do get into the spirit in other ways. We start having more fires, we usually watch a holiday movie, we put our heat on, and many more festive activities. Some things that get me into the holiday spirit are drinking hot chocolate and seeing the decorations other people put up around town. Sometimes, my family will go see the Miracle on 13th street on Christmas Eve or around Christmas time.

Lucy Rupertus ’23

I love the holiday season! I honestly don’t mind the cold and love to bundle up. There’s nothing better than coming home on a cold day to a warm cup of hot cocoa. Beyond that, I think the main reason I love this season is because I get to bake for my family. Every Thanksgiving I bake AT LEAST a pie, but Christmas is where it’s really at. My Mimi is an amazing chef, and sometimes I get to bake with her during the holidays and then serve said baked goods to my extended family (which is huge, because my Mom has 7 siblings, and I have over 30 cousins on her side of the family).

Another way that I get into the holiday spirit is by decorating. When my family goes to buy our Christmas tree, we also buy some boughs from the tree place and use them to decorate our stairwell. The banister gets wrapped in Christmas tree branches as well as a red beaded decoration. By the end of the season, the stairs are covered in pine needles, but it’s so worth it!!