Holiday Sing to Return to Friends Select Community


Courtesy of Flickr

For the past two years, Friends Select has been unable to host their classic winter holiday sing. In the past, the sing has consisted of the entire FSS student body and faculty coming together, with parents as well, to celebrate the upcoming holidays and winter season. The community would gather tightly in the Meeting House and fill the space with the sound of holiday joy. It would be a great time to bring everyone together. With COVID, this has been an impossible occasion to hold. In fact, the only people in the FSS community who have experienced the holiday sing are those who attended the school before COVID.

This year, a modified holiday sing is making a come-back. Students Annalise Di Cicco ‘23 and Patrick Ryan ‘24 are hosting the winter holiday sing. Unfortunately, the event will only be open to upper school and middle school students. The lower school is still taking some COVID precautions. However, it will still be held in the Meeting House, so the atmosphere will be familiar to previous participants. Attenders can expect classic songs such as Frosty the Snowman, I am a Latke, and Jingle Bells

“The holiday sing was always a highlight of my year throughout lower and middle school,” Sofia Solari-Paraviccini ‘23 explains. “So to return to it after 2 years and right before I graduate is really exciting and special.” Clearly the holiday sing is very meaningful to many people. 

Co-organizer Patrick explains, “I am super optimistic about the outcome of this year’s holiday sing, and even more so, about the potential of the return of a full-scale sing next year.” It will be an occasion to remember! Whether this will be your first holiday sing or you have been a part of the FSS community for years, this is an exciting event returning to the school.