Annual Portfolio Exhibition


Poster by May Colgan ’23

The reception for the Annual Portfolio Exhibition is today, January 11th. The reception will be held in the front hallway of the main building and Race Street Circle from 4:30 to 6:00 pm. 

The show features work from the Portfolio Preparation class, taught by Deborah Caoila, and includes work from each student’s highschool art career at Friends Select. The show offers  a chance for students to display their development and achievements, with each student having a full panel in the front hall/Race St. Circle dedicated to their art. “I think it will feel really rewarding to have all of my work hung, rather than just 1 or 2 pieces during a general show,” Lily Brin ‘23 shared. “Growing up, I’ve always seen the incredible artwork of the seniors, and it feels special to finally get the opportunity to showcase my art with my classmate,” she added. The Annual Portfolio Exhibition is in ways a rite of passage for art students at Friends Select. 

Students choose the art they feature, and the pool from which they can pull is wide and deep. Boris Duke, ‘23, spoke about one of his chosen pieces. “My favorite piece was the one that I did for the fragmented figure assignment in Advanced Studio,” Boris explained. “I enjoyed the experience of creating a more abstract style of painting.” The Portfolio Exhibition allows students to share techniques that they’ve learned, as well as styles that they have developed. 

Come tonight at 4:30 to celebrate the art of the 2023 Portfolio Preparation class.