Tomorrow: Art for Access Concert

Friends Select’s annual Art for Access concert will take place on Friday, March 3rd at 6 P.M. in the Blauvelt Theatre. 

Each year since 2019, AFA has raised money for education inequality. AFA continues to step up its fundraising efforts, with this year’s goal being $1,200 in donations and sales. All funds from AFA will go to Children’s Scholarship Fund Philadelphia, a non profit organization providing need-based scholarships to children in low-income families. 

Contrary to the previous organization of two separated classical and pop music acts, this year’s concert will feature mixed genres throughout the setlist. “We will still feature classical and pop selections this year, and we will also be featuring the jazz band for the first time!” says Charlie Chen ‘23, an organizer of the event and performer in the concert. “We will also have multiple originals at the concert,” he noted. These acts will be some familiar favorites, such as Lab Band, Lucy and the Lucettes, and various solo performances. 

“So often as student musicians we are applauded for our work and given praise,” explains Annalise Di Cicco’ 23, “so being able to use art to benefit others feels really meaningful.” Annalise will be performing with Lab Band as well as an original piece with Lily Brin ‘23. 

Tickets to Art for Access will be sold at the door for $5; in addition, there will be a plethora of baked goods available for purchase as well. Come support our student musicians and help donate to an important cause while dancing and singing your hearts out this Friday night!