Return of Friends Select’s Blood Drive


Courtesy of The Red Cross

Friends Select is hosting a Red Cross Blood Drive on Friday, March 17th! 

For the first time since 2020, Friends Select will be partnering with the American Red Cross to host a blood drive in the gym. Blood is in high demand right now, as there has been an ongoing shortage since the start of the pandemic. The American Red Cross needs over 13,000 donations a day to keep up with demand, and the organizers hope that the school community can contribute to help meet the demand.

One of the organizers, Juliene Jones ‘24, expressed her excitement about the drive. “I feel like we’re ready, and I’m just hoping we can meet our goal of 84 sign ups.” This goal is higher than any Friends Select blood drive before, so many efforts have been taken to raise interest and participation. Juliene has been sharing a fun fact about blood and blood-related subjects, such as vampires, at recent Devotions. “I’m feeling super hyped,” she shared. 

For some students, it might be hard to find time in the day to donate. Students should aim to donate during free periods, lunch, and break, with class time being a last resort. If students must donate during class time, teachers must be notified and students must receive permission. Fortunately, the donation process is not very time consuming. Students go to the gym, fill out a health survey, get their vitals taken, and, if they qualify to donate, get their blood drawn. After that, refreshments are offered, and students will return to their regular schedule. 

Students must be 16 years or older to donate, and those under 18 must get parent permission. Students, faculty and staff can sign up to donate through one of the many QR codes posted around the school. Ten dollar gift cards are available for those who sign up before March 17th!