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Team Traditions on Friends Select Field Hockey


Like other sports clubs, Friends Select Field Hockey players show their support for one another through valued team traditions that help players connect with each other both on and off the field, becoming teammates and friends.  

One of the most publicly known traditions is the handmade posters on lockers with encouraging messages. “[It’s called] Spirit Buddy, also known as ‘Secret Sister’,” said Beatrix Verstegen ‘24, Captain of the Field Hockey team. “Captains of the team assign every member with a buddy, it might be secret, it might not. Before every game [spirit buddies] give them a handmade sign with an encouraging message and candy,” she explained.

In addition to Spirit Buddies, the Falcons are keen to help new players join the team and feel welcome. Concerning the process of connecting with and meeting new players, Verstegen said they do: “Fun warm-up drills and games [like] ‘Sharks and Minnows’, Juggling Dunkin Munchkins for National Field Hockey Day, and other various fun challenges.” Verstegen also mentioned “Team Karaoke” as a fun way to “meet and connect” with the team.

 According to Verstegen, members of the team are “friends on and off the field.” They have a “vibrant team group chat, [and] team captain dinners.” She says they have a “very supportive, big community [of friends and fans].” 

The Field Hockey Falcons have bonded well with each other on and off the field, and started the season strong with game scores of 3-0, 7-0, and 8-0, putting them on a 3-win streak.

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Daniel Pessin is a senior at Friends Select and a captain of the FSS Soccer team. He is also a member of the baseball team. He will be covering the Girls’ Field Hockey and Tennis teams.

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