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What Do You Like About Fall? The Falcon Club Weighs In


Niamh Williams
I love cool weather. Above 40 degrees and below 70 is the perfect range. The first step outside of the house, when the temperature has finally dropped, is a moment of pure joy. I love the earthy fall colors and the warm smells. I could spend hours in a warm coffee shop with a pumpkin spice latte, watching the leaves fall, and getting schoolwork done with a refreshed work ethic after summer break.

Patrick Ryan
I enjoy taking long walks, listening to music and podcasts, and fall is the best time in the year to do that. When I step outside – feel the cold air and smell smoke and dry leaves – I don’t want to go back inside my house. I like walking around my neighborhood or in the woods, and on top of feeling nice, the fall has some of the best views, with colorful leaves and Halloween decorations contributing to beautiful sights.

Sam Goldwert
I hate cold weather, but I do love the outfits, food, and music of fall. I love getting to take out my favorite comfy sweaters and cozy up with a warm blanket. Personally, I’m not a pumpkin spice person, but I do enjoy other seasonal flavors like gingerbread, cinnamon, and apple. I also always look forward to making playlists that remind me of fall and listening to them on walks alongside the colorful leaves and slightly chilly air.

Esme Michaeloff
I love when all the leaves start falling and it gets colder. I love apple picking with friends and family and preparing for Halloween. I love apple cider, apple pies, and applesauce. All things that are only good in the fall. Fall is a necessary transition to winter so it’s important. Fall is important so that it doesn’t get too cold too fast.

Bryce Dodd
The change of leaves on the trees always pleases me the most about autumn. Green leaves changing into vibrant reds and oranges as they fall to the ground is always a joy. One of the best things to do with those leaves is gather a bunch of them and make a cushion to jump onto them. To see the leaves change means autumn is coming and summer is leaving.

Jawad Ahmad
I like the cool temperatures of fall; walking to school in the morning is really soothing because of the crisp cool air. I like the crunchy leaves on the ground because stepping on them is satisfying. I also enjoy the sweet flavors and colors of candy corn. I also like how decorative the school’s hallways are during October. The cool weather also gives me the chance to wear my hoodie everywhere.

Lila Ash
I don’t like fall. The end of summer and transition to autumn always makes for a melancholy summer finale because I am bad at endings, and leaves start falling too soon. The loss of summer air, green leaves, and late-night weekdays with friends mellow out into a sleepy, lonesome Philadelphia. The sky is as gray as the pavement beneath my feet, and I can’t help but long for a blue sky.

Anna Masino
I love fall. It’s one of my favorite seasons. One of the things I love most about it, though, is the crisp air and autumn leaves. I love the feeling of going outside in my favorite sweaters and hoodies; feeling the cold air and smelling the rain. I love when it starts to near October and the streets are filled with Halloween decorations. It’s also the season when my birthday is, so that’s always a plus.

Daphne Klose
I really like the color orange, it’s my favorite color. I like watching nice, non-scary Halloween movies and eating popcorn with warm M&M’s. Personally, I really love all the breaks from school that happen during the end of fall and early winter. I like when it’s around the holidays and people start decorating the hallway and covering the lights with colored paper. However, my tortoise is slowly starting the hibernation process, which is very sad.

Ozzy Spiker
I enjoy when the weather begins to change and the fall sports seasons begin. I look forward to the big endurance races later in the fall, like the Navy Day Regatta and the Head of the Schuylkill Regatta. With the colder weather, I enjoy running while listening to music. Running with my friends after crew practice along the Schuylkill River is always something I enjoy doing. Another highlight of the fall is the Turkey Trot race at the end of the season. My teammates and I run through Fairmount Park over 6 miles of difficult hills covered in fall leaves.

Leah Pessin
My favorite thing about fall starts in summer. As the rain beats the sidewalk I leave my windows open. The rain beats the ground and the first premature leaves are pushed down. They are lonely, on the sidewalk- but they remind me of what’s to come. As the rain beats down on the sidewalk, it is the first time in months I can pull out my fluffiest cover-the air turns colder. As the rain beats down on the sidewalk I can smell the petrichor.

Gabriel Rader
When the sky clears and the air starts to nip at my ankles, I’m reminded of that feeling that you can’t describe but makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up like a song so sad it almost feels good. I’m reminded to embrace the change in the absence of life; trying not to get lost within layer after layer, week by week. Days get colder and darker, but I cling even harder to the shimmer of light pulling us to spring.

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About the Contributors
Niamh Williams
Niamh Williams, Editor-in-Chief

Niamh Williams is a senior at Friends Select School and a co-editor-in-chief for The Falcon. Her beats are history, math, and English curricula. She is also a leader of the Quakerism Club.

Patrick Ryan
Patrick Ryan, Editor-in-Chief

Patrick Ryan is a senior at Friends Select and a co-editor-in-chief of The Falcon. Patrick writes about student life, city curriculum, and music. He also helps lead Quake, the Harvard Model Congress, and the Art for Access concert. Patrick spends his time dislocating his shoulder and reading books.

Sam Goldwert
Sam Goldwert, Assistant Editor
Sam Goldwert is a junior at Friends Select and an assistant editor of The Falcon. Sam covers everything from important news updates to fun crosswords and games. They're also a member of QSU and a diversity clerk for the Neurodiversity Club. When not writing, Sam can be found overanalyzing song lyrics or starting countless new art projects.
Bryce Dodd

Bryce Dodd is a senior Friends select and a wonderful student. He is the captain of the soccer team and a blossoming photographer. His journalism beat is FSS drama, swimming, and squash.

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