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Club Roundtable: What Is Your Favorite Thanksgiving Tradition?

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An oddly glimmering, almost metallic-looking circular blob dripping in chunky, light brown sauce sat on my plate the first Thanksgiving I was a vegetarian. Needless to say, I did not eat or even taste the mysterious tofurky blob. In the years since my family has worked to serve me green beans and rolls and to find ways to incorporate my dietary restrictions into the meals the rest of my family eats. The stuffing served at the Ash family Thanksgiving feast is no longer made with chicken stock; vegetarian options are aplenty. This year, my mom turned to me and said, “I am not getting you that tofurkey blob again,” I know that now the food served is made with love and vegetarian products. I am grateful for my family’s new tradition of having vegetarian-friendly dishes in our Thanksgiving spread. 

-Lila Ash


In my family, there aren’t many traditions during Thanksgiving. The real tradition that’s always compelled me is simply the tradition of gathering, giving thanks, and considering where we came from and how we got here. As the world has become more conscientious of our origins, people have been more aware of how the stem of Thanksgiving is more volatile than what has grown from it. Every year when the leaves change and November rolls around, we talk about the Native American perspective of Thanksgiving in school. And every year, it is difficult for me to balance acknowledging the suffering and also the beauty of this holiday. But the beauty is impossible to ignore, and that’s an unspoken tradition that I have deep admiration for. The holiday is a cornucopia of laughter, warmth, and a pure sensory experience of comfort. The safety and closeness between communities that have developed, even from tragedy, may not “make up for” the bloody history of our country. But it’s a huge stepping stone of generosity and kindness towards in the right direction. We can’t change the past, but there is unity now and there is absolutely unity in our future.

-Kiera Yeager Johnson


Every year, the weekend after Thanksgiving, my family celebrates Tannenbaum Sunday. We decorate our house, put up our Christmas tree, and eat German food. It got its name from the German word for pine tree. The holiday is unique to my family and is an immense source of pride for me. It gets me in the Christmas spirit and acts as a natural barrier between the holidays. 

-Patrick Ryan


My favorite thing about Thanksgiving should be seeing my extended family, and don’t get me wrong that part is pretty great. Tons of little cousins running around and Aunts and Uncles who are a little bit stressed out. Together I, and my cousin (who is really my second cousin), teach everyone to make trifold drawings of monsters or turkeys or cars. It’s all great fun, but sweet mashed potatoes are what I prize above all. Last year I was away for Thanksgiving, and the year before was the first time it was brought to the celebration so really I have only had it once. Unlike subpar sweet mash’s it has brown sugar and pecans instead of marshmallows. It’s really that great.

-Leah Pessin


My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is the feeling of waking up and not stressing about schoolwork which cannot be matched. I also really enjoy seeing extended family and watching football. Being able to watch NFL games with people that I compete with in fantasy football is exciting, but also very humbling. Normally I host family so that takes away the boringness and torture that comes with traveling. Thanksgiving break is 4 business days long plus the weekend which makes life way more relaxing and more disorganized. When we return to school on the 28th, we only have 3 ½ weeks until winter break.

-Will Perkins


My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is my neighbor’s cranberry sauce. It all started 2 years ago when my neighbor’s daughter dropped off a jar of cranberry sauce. This sauce is no ordinary sauce, it’s sweet yet tart. It has chopped pineapple, pear, apple, and cranberry. This one sauce changed the way I ate every dish. Now I can only eat turkey with an even coat of sauce. The stuffing tastes dry and bland without this topping. Unfortunately, there is a problem with my reliance on cranberry sauce… I don’t have the recipe.

-Esmé Michaeloff


My favorite part about Thanksgiving is waking up late, not having to go to school, and spending time with my family. Sometimes we go to our cousin’s house and spend time eating good food. Me and my cousins usually play football or video games while the adults eat. 

-Jawad Ahmad


My favorite part about Thanksgiving is the early morning Turkey Trot with my friends on Kelly Drive. The run across Fairmount Park across the fallen leaves gets us all ready for Thanksgiving dinner. Every year my family celebrates Thanksgiving with my cousins at their house in Quakertown. I always look forward to seeing my cousins’ dogs and riding bikes through their neighborhood. 

-Ozzy Spiker


My favorite part about Thanksgiving is when my family and I gather around the table to eat. I used to go to my cousin’s house for Thanksgiving dinner, but recently, we started doing it at ours. My favorite Thanksgiving foods include apple pie, bread rolls, sparkling ice, and of course, sweet potatoes. After dinner, I usually watch TV and play video games with the other kids while the adults sit and gossip. I love being able to hang out with my extended family because I normally don’t get to see them that often. Eventually, though, they have to leave, which is the worst part.

-Anna Masino 


In my family, we used to drive the 5-6 hours all the way to Pittsburgh for Thanksgiving to celebrate with my mother’s side of the family. The older kids would hang out in the basement playing video games while the younger kids would beg to have a turn. We’d have to pull up the massive folding tables and put all the kids together with the adults on the other end. The next day, most of the girls would go black Friday shopping while everyone else stayed home and watched movies, and then we’d drive back home.

-Daphne Klose


Every year, on the days following Thanksgiving, all of the cousins gather in the living room and watch all of the usual Thanksgiving TV programming, including the Macy’s parade and the National Dog Show. Our Thanksgiving breaks usually also include some mix of candlepin bowling, Chinese food takeout, the Hamilton soundtrack, and intense Just Dance battles that our grandma usually ends up winning. 

-Sam Goldwert

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