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Falcon Roundtable: Highlights of the School Year

Falcon Roundtable: Highlights of the School Year

What have been some of the best moments or classes this school year?

Sam Goldwert

A highlight of mine has been my history classes this year. I’ve really enjoyed U.S. History a lot more than I thought I would. Dave Marshall is an amazing teacher, and our class did a mix of tests, writing assignments, and Socratic seminars to keep the course engaging all year. Taking psychology has been amazing as well, the intimate class size made for a collaborative, student-driven environment that I loved. I’ve also had so much fun being a part of Pippin and Radium Girls, and I feel like I’ve grown so much as a performer through these experiences. 

Daphne Klose

The biggest highlight of my year has been my English electives. I took Monstrous Imaginings with Suzanne in the fall which was such a fun group of people and an incredibly interesting class. One of my favorite parts was seeing everyone’s final projects at the end of the semester based on the books we read. In the spring I was able to take Global Voices with Matthew, the books we read and movies we watched with the seniors were a lot of fun. Now that the seniors are off doing their internships, my class is now only 3 people including Matthew, which has led to much more focused and involved learning. I greatly recommend that upcoming juniors take electives in addition to their required classes. 

Sophia Le

A highlight of my year was watching the seniors present in Dave’s Music in History Elective. My Latin class visited the day of their presentations. We got the chance to hear from those who chose to present: Atia, Manzy, and Sol. We got to hear songs of diverse culture around the world from Atia and Sol, and some controversial lyrical analysis from Manzy. It was a great insight into music as a cross-section between issues of race, class, and gender. A wonderful elective and such provocative perspectives!

Anna Masina

The biggest highlight of the year for me was this year’s art classes. This school has such a large amount of technology to use and I got to do so many things I’ve never done before. I also enjoyed the Fall Ball and our overnight stay at Echo Hill, as they gave me a chance to socialize and be active. This is definitely the most fun I’ve had during a school year.

Esme Michaeloff

The highlight of my 9th grade year was the food presentation in Spanish. For the project, we had to choose a food that originated from a Spanish-speaking country. After choosing the food we researched how to make it and its history. Afterward, we made a presentation and made the food. My group chose Tres Leches cake. It took a while to make it, but it was fun to hang out with my group. After we presented our slides and had people taste the cake. It was a huge hit!

Will Perkins

The highlight of my freshman year was being in JV baseball and getting so much better and watching my teammates get so much better. Even though we only had 2 games, I cherished every moment of it. Special thanks to Coach Chris for pushing through and being able to make the JV Tournament. 

Talia Mono

A highlight of my year was working the lights for Radium Girls. I had never done it before and it ended up being really fun! I learned how to use the lighting booth software and also made some great friends during rehearsals. It was super fun to get more involved in the FSS theater department.

Jawad Ahmad

A highlight of my year was my photography elective because I was able to have a class where I focused just on taking photos and improving them. 

Harshil Bhatia

Where do I even start… Oh, JV soccer, how you have made my life complete. Every day I woke up and thought of my wonderful team and wonderful coach. My fellow teammates brought me up every day and brought me to where I am now. The one Shipley game where Will Perkins was in goal… it was a free kick and the ball came flying, I heard my favorite fullback yell “DIVE” and I dove into the ball saving a goal and Willy Perk. 

Ozzy Spiker

A highlight from this year was when my advisory played football together on the roof while it was snowing. During the early winter, we agreed that the next time it snowed we would all play football on the roof. Even though it was just flurries, we had a lot of fun competing against each other in the cold. It was a really close game, and with a last-minute pass, we won. 

Leah Pessin

A highlight of this year for me has been the 9th grade overnight at Echo Hill. I really enjoyed the bonding opportunities with my classmates and all the chances to be adventurous. The bunks at night were also really fun, there were 8 people in a room with a bunch of bunk beds, and I ended up with a bunch of my friends. I think it’s a really cool trip for the 9th grade to take.

Lena Piven

A highlight of my year has definitely been my art classes. I feel like I grew as an artist in Advanced Studio especially when creating a portrait with no eyes. I thoroughly enjoyed Printmaking and found a love for screenprinting! And I really challenged myself by taking Video Production and growing as a filmmaker. 

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Sam Goldwert
Sam Goldwert, Assistant Editor
Sam Goldwert is a junior at Friends Select and an assistant editor of The Falcon. Sam covers everything from important news updates to fun crosswords and games. They're also a member of QSU and a diversity clerk for the Neurodiversity Club. When not writing, Sam can be found overanalyzing song lyrics or starting countless new art projects.
Lena Piven, Co-Director of Multimedia
Lena Piven is a junior at Friends Select and a Co-Director of Multimedia for The Falcon along with ClareLena is currently a student government rep, co-leader of Spirit Club, and photo editor for the yearbook. Lena spends a lot of her time playing tennis and spending time with friends!

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