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Falcon Roundtable: Summer Recommendations

Falcon Roundtable: Summer Recommendations

What are some movies/music/books/TV shows (ideally summer-themed, summer vibes) that you’d recommend people check out over the summer?

Sam Goldwert

I’ll admit I am still making my way through Billie Eilish’s new album. From the few songs I’ve heard, so far, I think it’s really promising, and I’m looking forward to getting the opportunity to really listen to it over the summer. As for other music recommendations, I am absolutely obsessed with Chappell Roan and Sabrina Carpenter right now and I think both of their music has such awesome summer vibes, I would totally recommend giving them a listen!

Daphne Klose

I’d recommend watching Impractical Jokers on HBO Max. The first few seasons are the best to watch, the newer ones without Joe aren’t as good, but still fun to watch. This show is very entertaining and always good for a laugh. It’s nice because you can watch any episode out of order and not miss anything.  

Sophia Le

I’d recommend watching The Crown. I love Claire Foy (Queen Elizabeth) and Josh O’Connor (Prince Charles). It is full of scandal that is not entirely historically accurate but rather entertaining. Such a promiscuous show! It is available only on Netflix and Disney Plus. For music, I recommend “Electric Relaxation” by a Tribe Called Quest.

Jawad Ahmad

I’d recommend watching all the Cars movies. My favorite character is Mater. It’s on Disney Plus. Go watch it.

Lena Piven

Over the summer I have a lot more free time to enjoy books! I’d definitely recommend Every Summer After by Carley Fortune-it’s the perfect summer romance novel to read at the beach. For a music rec, I’d go with Dominic Fike or Bakar because their music gives summery vibes and it’s perfect for a late-night drive! Going to listen to live music is always a fun summer activity as well. 

Harshil Bhatia

Oh, where do I begin? Breaking Bad, what a jolly good show. My oh my the actors in this production have such great talent. This show is jaw-dropping and groundbreaking. This show changes your perception of crime and drugs and the people behind it and opens your eyes to see how vast and drastic crime and drug cartels can be in the real world. The cinematography in this show is to die for. Vince Gilligan is a pure genius and his wonderfully crafted show touched many hearts across the globe. 

Leah Pessin

This summer I think you should hang out with your family! It’s probably been a while since you assembled a puzzle with your aunt or made slime with your little cousins. During the school year, I know I miss my extended family because I barely get to see them, and summers are a great time to see my many aunts, uncles, and cousins!

Carl Heyne

When the summer heat gets too extreme, I typically cease all motor functions and watch something stupid and fun. Normally something with monsters, Godzilla, Kong Skull Island, and my personal favorite: Pacific Rim. Pacific Rim is a passion project by Guillermo Del Toro about humanity using our massive robots to punch giant lizards, lizard monkeys, lizard bats, lizard sharks, lizard crabs, and a lizard kraken. There are a few intense sequences, but I still find it very difficult to give any caveats to this recommendation. This movie does move around a lot for no apparent reason, but at the time of writing, this movie is on Tubi.

Ozzy Spiker

Over the summer, I recommend going for a run in Old City. One of my favorite routes to run is across the Ben Franklin Bridge and past the Constitution Center. Running along the footpath of the Bridge, there are great views of the city and the Delaware River. Though it can be intimidating to run so high up, the railing is protective and there are always multiple other runners or bikers exercising at the same time. After working out, I like to get food from one of the many cafes or stores in the neighborhood. My favorite right now are the Macarons from ICI. 

Will Perkins

I can’t think of any books/movies/shows to watch but I would recommend going to a Phillies game and not sitting around doing nothing. 

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Sam Goldwert
Sam Goldwert, Assistant Editor
Sam Goldwert is a junior at Friends Select and an assistant editor of The Falcon. Sam covers everything from important news updates to fun crosswords and games. They're also a member of QSU and a diversity clerk for the Neurodiversity Club. When not writing, Sam can be found overanalyzing song lyrics or starting countless new art projects.
Lena Piven, Co-Director of Multimedia
Lena Piven is a junior at Friends Select and a Co-Director of Multimedia for The Falcon along with ClareLena is currently a student government rep, co-leader of Spirit Club, and photo editor for the yearbook. Lena spends a lot of her time playing tennis and spending time with friends!

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