The Pigeon: Why Students Need Final Exams


In high school, the most effective way to demonstrate proficiency in yearlong course content is to sit for final exams. Research has proved that cramming is the best method to study for students. Recent studies show that when students were asked to recite the information they learned in a class within the past year, those who took the final exam displayed more comprehension. 

Studies also revealed that students had better mental health while studying for all of their final exams. “Final exams wrap up all the material in the year, giving us a nice ending to that class,” said Ethan Pastor, class of ‘21, “I love going back and relearning all the material for one giant exam. It’s like a boss battle at the end of a game.”

Students have expressed feelings of sadness regarding the school’s cancellation of final exams this year. “I’m upset that I won’t get to relearn everything I did throughout the year within a couple of weeks, and I will greatly miss taking five, two-hour-long tests,” said Julian Haurin, class of ‘21.

COVID-19 has pushed the school to cancel finals two years in a row now. Students are feeling uneasy without closure to the school year that the final exams normally provide. “I’m unsure of how to retain and relay all of the content I learned this year without a final exam,” explains Taariq Heavner-Mbaraka ‘21. 

With colleges not requiring standardized tests anymore, the final exam was students’ last chance for a way to stand out to their prospective colleges. Without them, students are struggling to find ways to obtain higher grades.

Disclaimer: This is a satirical piece and is not factually accurate.