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Super Fresh: The Newly Friends Show

Welcome to the Newly Friends Show! 

A spin-off of the Newlyweds Show: We interviewed two pairs of new friends, people who only met this year, to figure out how well they really knew each other.  


Today’s participants are Cheo & Rogue and Elsa & Isaac.

Cheo Mangum, a new student, who previously went to Mastermen, feels that Friend Select has a great community. 

Rogue Mckinny is also new to FSS. He previously went to St. Peter’s school. The two bonded over a similar schedule and difficult homework. They have 6 classes together and were excited to compete in the show. 

Elsa Foote, a student who attended AIM until this year, is a big fan of F1. 

Isaac Shane has been going to FSS since he was in second grade. They seemed pretty hesitant to compete since they only have one class together, but the two bonded over food, rock climbing, and mutual friends.



The rules are (not) simple: there are two different types of questions: questions where you both need the same answer and questions where you need to know your partner’s response to the question. For the second type of question, we would ask them what the other person’s favorite color was, and if one of them got it right they could get one point, and if they both got it right they could get two. The person’s answer to this type of question was in the top corner, and what they thought their friend’s answer was was written big and center.

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