Regi Mendoza: Energetic and Optimistic Planner


Have you fundraised, needed a cash box, or had your parents complain about your spendings in the dining hall this year? If so, you might already be familiar with Regi Mendoza. His official title is Associate Controller, handling tuition and other various monetary issues around school. 

Born and raised in South Philly, Regi is a first generation Filipino American – though he currently lives in New Jersey with his partner. He has worked as an accountant since graduating college, and officially began working at FSS this past May. When he’s not working, he likes to spend time with his partner, go to the gym, or play rugby. He also likes to hang out with his family and friends – having a big extended family, he spends a lot of time with his cousins. 

“Accounting is a lot of just [being] secluded, you’re in your own little corner, no one really talks to you unless they need something,” Regi said, describing the transition from his previous job environment to FSS. “Being here, you can get pulled by god knows who, asking you, ‘watch my class’…I never interact[ed] with children until now, [so I] have to be more mindful of the environment I’m in, it’s nice though, it’s different. It gets me out of my little accounting bubble.”

Much like the rest of us, Regi has hopes for this year. “Obviously [I] want to do a good job,” Regi said. “[I] just gotta remember there’s only so much you can do in a day.” While clearly being a dedicated hard worker, Regi also has a bright personality. “I kind of like to say I’m like a puppy, I like love, I’m all about love,” Regi said. “I like the attention, and just being very energetic, even though it’s not an accounting stereotype.” This optimistic and fun personality made for a quick transition into Friends Select where Regi now has lots of friends. His great planning and organizational skills make him very good at his job.

Regi’s position as Associate Controller places him in the business office. This year the business office started off at 1700 Race Street. The startling fire at 1700 displaced Regi and the rest of the business office, placing them farther from the student body in the Friends Center. Regi encourages people to still make the trek to see him and the rest of the business office if they need anything!