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Inside Backpacks: A Glimpse into FSS Essentials

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  • Tray with books, calculator, papers, a dirty mask, and tickets to the BFG, January 22nd.

  • Tray with chips, keys, a bag, lint roller, and yarn, January 16th.

  • Tray of Miscellaneous Items, January 22nd.

  • Tray with sparkling water, markets, medication, glasses, and hygienic tools, January 19th.

  • Tray with wallet, watch, airpods, pens, and phone, January 19th.

  • Tray with calculator, pens, tissues, Narcan, a motherboard, and credit card, January 16th.

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Have you ever wondered what people find most essential to their lives? I have, so in an attempt to highlight the mystery concealed in each backpack, I conducted an intriguing experiment. Trays were laid out and filled with eclectic items that people lug around every day, offering a unique snapshot of their necessities and quirks. 

From textbooks with beat-up pages to the latest tech and equipment, my photographs revealed a diverse array of possessions. Pens, notebooks, and sticky notes seem to be uniform among most students, highlighting the importance of notes by hand, even with modern technology. 

Surprisingly, snacks were found in every single backpack (not photographed in all), suggesting that hunger pangs at any time, even in class. The assortment ranged from fruit and healthy snack bars to chips and soda.

The technology area was the least fascinating, with iPhones, headphones, laptops, and iPads occupying nearly everyone’s bag. These gadgets serve as essential daily staples for getting work done, entertainment, and communication.

While backpacks revealed lots of commonalities, they also highlighted the uniqueness of each student. Art supplies, sports gear, and musical equipment (most did not fit in the trays) added a personal touch, highlighting the plethora of interests in the FSS community. 

Beyond just the physical items, the organization within the backpacks offered insight into the students’ approach to their daily lives. Some bags showcased meticulous planning, with color-coded folders, neatly arranged binders, and carefully labeled pencil cases. It was clear that some students found comfort in order, their backpacks a reflection of their highly structured and methodical approach to both academics and life. 

On the opposite side of the spectrum, others had a seemingly chaotic yet methodically organized system, where items were strategically placed for quick and easy access. It spoke to a mindset that is adaptable and ready for anything, showcasing flexibility and spontaneity.

As I looked into the depths of each backpack, it showed me that a backpack encapsulates a part of each backpack owner’s life. Their interests, their necessities, and the vibrant and distinct colors that people navigate to. 

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About the Contributor
Daniel Pessin

Daniel Pessin is a senior at Friends Select and a captain of the FSS Soccer team. He is also a member of the baseball team. He will be covering the Girls’ Field Hockey and Tennis teams.

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    DanielFeb 23, 2024 at 9:50 AM

    Wow this is insightful daniel