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Sharing is Caring: Breaking Bread

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This Friday, March 8th, marks the third year of Friends Select’s Breaking Bread lunch, a food-sharing event where students can bring in their traditional family foods to share with people from other affinity groups. This opportunity to talk and learn about different traditions within different families and backgrounds will be hosted by the Asian Student Union, Black Student Union, Jewish Student Union, and Latino Student Union. 

In 2022, JSU started this event with the guidance of Natalie Mayer, Upper School Dean of Academics and Faculty Advisor of JSU, in partnership with ASU and BSU. The name “Breaking Bread” came from an Israeli Film Festival that JSU attended a few years ago with the same name. Inspired by the movie’s plot of chefs of different cultural backgrounds creating collaborative cultural dishes, JSU decided to bring our community together by starting a similar event at Friends Select. The main idea of Breaking Bread was to invite students from a few affinity groups to come together and share traditional foods that are meaningful to each of them. Natalie said, “I’ve always wanted to find more ways to bring together different affinity groups in our school, so this effort spoke to me. It felt meaningful, authentic, and joyful.”

Last year’s Breaking Bread was co-sponsored by ASU, BSU, and JSU in the Upper School Library. Students brought dozens of dishes. Sarah Gorenstein ‘24, a leader of JSU, had high praise for last year’s event. She said, “I have always enjoyed Breaking Bread because it is a unique experience to explore other cultures and talk to new people.” Sarah believes that the Breaking Bread event can help students step out of their comfort zones to embrace new cultures. This year, Sarah is going to bring a sweet treat called Kamish Bread, a recipe that has been passed down through her family. 

Bryant Peacock ‘25 brought Tuscan chicken pasta. As a member of BSU, he is really excited about trying new foods at this year’s Breaking Bread event. He said, “It’s definitely one of my top 3 events at Friends Select.” 

Juliene Jones ‘24 is one of the leaders of ASU. She also enjoyed the food and appreciated the affinity groups coming together to make it happen. She said, “It’s cool to hear about people’s recipes and the stories behind them.”

This year, LSU joined the Breaking Bread event as a new affinity group,  better representing the cultural diversity of Friends Select. As a leader of LSU, Paloma Puig ‘25 shares her excitement about this event. She says,  “I anticipate learning all about other people’s cultures while also expressing mine.” Paloma will make cheese arepas with her Abuela and bring it to Breaking Bread. This is a family traditional recipe that Paloma’s family has done since she was young. Paloma is especially happy that the culture of Latino students is recognized. She believes that LSU’s ability to join Breaking Bread is “a breath of fresh air” to let people have a space to relate to others and talk about their culture. 

According to Natalie, Breaking Bread’s success is only possible because of the groundwork our DEI director, Toni Graves Williamson, has laid down, in establishing an environment of understanding and openness among our student affinity groups. Natalie says, “Each year, people report to leave with not only a full belly but also a full heart.” She hopes this year will be no different.

Breaking Bread will take place on Friday, March 8th in the library. ASU, BSU, LSU, and JSU members are welcome. Unfortunately, due to a schedule conflict between Breaking Bread and the 9th grade’s PMA field trip, freshmen are not available to attend Breaking Bread, but hopefully, they will be able to experience this event next year.

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  • D

    Dave MarshallMar 6, 2024 at 11:07 AM

    It’s always such a fun event! Looking forward to noshing and communing with everyone 🙂