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The Year of the Dragon: Friends Select’s Lunar New Year Celebration


Happy Lunar New Year to everyone! In marking the arrival of the 2024 Lunar New Year, Friends Select’s Asian Student Union and Chinese Culture Club are engaged in the preparation for its 15th annual school assembly. This special assembly, held in anticipation of the Lunar New Year on February 8th, 2024, is part of a series of engaging activities. In collaboration with the Parents Association, the club is also preparing a Lunar New Year celebration for lower school students and parents. 

Lunar New Year is widely celebrated across Asian countries, including China, Korea, Vietnam, and others. This festival embraces practices that have been handed down for generations. These traditions range from cleaning houses to symbolize the sweeping away of bad luck, to decorating with red to attract good fortune, each imbued with profound cultural significance. It’s a time dedicated to honoring ancestors, reflecting on the year that has passed, and looking forward with hope and excitement to the new year.

The Lunar New Year, particularly in 2024, holds special significance as it marks the Year of the Dragon, a creature deeply revered in Chinese culture. The dragon, or ‘Long’ in Chinese, embodies a multitude of powerful and positive attributes. Far from the malevolent creatures of Western mythology, Chinese dragons are seen as symbols of strength, good luck, and power, often associated with water and agricultural prosperity.

The goal of hosting this celebration is to bring Asian culture to our school community. It’s also a great opportunity for Asian students to connect with their roots and for all students to engage with and appreciate the diversity of cultures. This celebration connects different cultural backgrounds and fosters a more inclusive and understanding school environment.

For the past fifteen years, the Asian Student Union and Chinese Culture Club have been hosting the Lunar New Year assembly at Friends Select. Each year, these clubs introduce a variety of new games and presentations, hoping to enlighten and engage fellow students about the traditions and festivities associated with this auspicious day.

The Lunar New Year celebration on February 10th is organized in collaboration with the Parents Association. Friends Select will open its doors for a day filled with fun and cultural exchange. There will be a variety of games and a photo booth for lower-school students to have fun while learning about the festival. There will also be a range of delicious foods and performances from Mandarin students in three divisions, including singing and lion dance, a traditional part of Lunar New Year celebrations.

Friends Select’s Lunar New Year celebrations show its dedication to diversity and inclusiveness. By stepping into the year of Dragon, we hope that the school community will keep embracing different cultures and traditions. May the Year of Dragon strengthen our community and make it even stronger.

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Janis Ng

Janis Ng is a senior in the journalism class at Friends Select School. She is the leader of the Chinese Culture Club and True Crime Club. Janis enjoys reading murder mysteries and her favorite food is raw onions.

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