Poop Map: A New Social Media Platform


Created by Nino Uzelac, Poop Map is a free-to-download app on the App Store and Google Play Store. It allows users to interact both privately and publicly with others around the world, and it connects people through a universally shared experience: pooping. Users can upload their poops with information like time, location, ratings and reviews, and even pictures of their bathroom visits. 

Many find this to be strange, even gross. Ella Sherman ‘25, says that Poop Map is “invasive.” Her initial impression of the app was that it shared too much information. Several students were left confused by the app, wondering what its purpose was.

Alternatively, Juliene Jones ‘24, says that she “[loves] the app! It brings [her] closer to [her] friends.” These contrasting opinions paint a good picture of how the app is viewed; those who use it love it, and those who don’t are often left confused and concerned.

Users of the app rave about its many features. Annindyah Weekes ‘24 says that she “likes knowing how much” she poops. The app gives users access to their entire history of entries, as well as several statistics. Users can see how many poops they average per day, per week, and per month. 

The compilation of information is appreciated by alumna C.C. Servon ‘21. C.C. describes Poop Map as “a triumph in both data analytics and community building.” The community building she describes is evident in another feature of the app: the achievement system. Users can earn achievements in many ways, including pooping in the same place for many days in a row, commenting on friends’ posts, and having lots of well-rated poops.

There are also ways to make your posts your own. Elena Milliken ‘22 says that during her time on the app, she had fun customizing the pins, which indicate the location of your poop on the map. 

Overall, these features, along with many more, make Poop Map what it is: a revolutionary social media platform designed to allow users to interact closely and intimately with friends and strangers alike.