Tomorrow: Art for Charity Concert


The annual Art for Charity concert is back in person for the first time since 2020. “The purpose of Art for Charity is to try to help reduce educational inequality in Philly through music and performance,” says event organizer Harrison Li ‘22. Harrison, along with Charlie Chen ‘23, took the lead in putting together this year’s concert. 

Although the concert is similar to previous years, one difference was the approach to organizing the event. “We’ve put great amounts of effort into marketing the concert, hoping to raise more money for the charity,” Harrison explains. This year’s charity, the Children’s Scholarship Fund Philadelphia which provides access to education for children in Philadelphia.

This year’s concert will have both classical and contemporary sections, similar to previous years, but there will also be some jazz performances. The classical section will feature some solo pieces and the contemporary section will feature jazz classics and pop hits from Friends Select’s Lab Band. Some spoken word poetry has also been added to this year’s program. The concert will serve also as the debut of the new FSS Jazz Band.

One goal for this year’s concert is to up the previous year’s earnings from $700 to $1000. Charlie and Harrison have put extra work into promoting the concert, including a presentation and concert preview in front of the entire Upper School this week. There are also numerous posters that can be found all around the school. 

This concert gives students “the opportunity to display their musical and art creativity without being restricted by academic boundaries [like orchestra or ensemble],” says Charlie. It is also an opportunity for students to perform if they are unable to play for the school’s ensemble. “We’re super excited for the Art for Charity concert because we get to donate [the money raised] to a very important cause by letting students do what they love and are great at doing.”

The Art for Charity concert is this Friday from 6 to 8 PM and tickets are five dollars at the door. Charlie and Harrison hope to see everyone “helping support the CSFP and their fellow classmates!”