The FSS Swim Team Goes to Champs


Photo by Sarah Kelly

On Saturday, February 4th, the Friends Select swim team went to George School to compete in the Friends League Championship. Swimmers arrived at school bright and early to make the long trip, and the meet lasted over four hours! It was a long day for the Falcons, and lots of hard work went into getting there. 

While FSS didn’t come home with any medals, many swimmers celebrated huge personal victories by dropping time and achieving some personal bests! Livia Smollen ‘24 and Hayden Wiltshire ‘24, for example, swam their best 50-yard freestyles at 30.4 seconds and 25.4 seconds respectively. Overall, our girls’ team finished 6th and the boys’ team finished 5th! 

Aside from the swimming, a lot of time at the meet is spent sitting around waiting for the next event, so swimmers got creative with how to pass the time. George School has quite a large gym which makes it the perfect place to refuel before getting back in the water. David Ryan ‘26 brought in Spread Bagels; Daniel Albarouki ‘24 provided the candy; and Nora Marwaha ‘24 supplied the Gatorade. In addition to snacking, many swimmers could be found playing basketball with a volleyball they found in the gym. Plenty of team bonding! 

Being on the swim team is challenging work. You’re always sore, smelling like chlorine, and getting home late. The FSS swimmers gave it their all this season, and they had a ton of fun doing it!