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Winter Break Recommendations from The Falcon Club

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Lila Ash:

Calling all Barbz! On December 8th, Nicki Minaj released her powerhouse follow-up album Pink Friday 2. Minaj’s “Barbz” fan base has been waiting for a new album since her double platinum album Queen was released in 2018. Pink Friday 2 encapsulates all of Minaj’s talent, starting with hip-hop tracks and melancholy midtempo, progressing into pop-rap cuts, including a sampling of Rick James’ Super Freaky Girl. Minaj’s Pink Friday 2 is an enjoyable, upbeat listening experience. 


Daphne Klose:

I highly recommend listening to Sabrina Carpenter’s new Christmas album called Fruitcake. There are only 6 songs on the track list so it doesn’t take long to listen to. I also recommend going to some school basketball games. The varsity girls have a home game on December 16th at 11am, and the varsity boys have two home games over break: one on December 16th at 1pm and the other on December 20th at 1:30pm.


Ozzy Spiker:

I recommend playing Fortnite because of its festive holiday events. In the game, holiday decorations are added to the buildings and scenery. One of my favorite changes is the addition of Christmas lights to bushes players can hide in. Many players also purchase holiday outfits like the Nutcracker, or gingerbread people to match the new season. 


Jawad Ahmad:

I recommend watching the Eagles game on Christmas against the Giants. As a Philadelphian, I think everyone should watch the Eagles game because they really represent the best city. The Eagles are winning the Super Bowl.  


Sam Goldwert:

I love listening to indie/alternative winter holiday-themed music, and winter break is the perfect time to try listening to some new music! Some of my all-time favorites are Sufjan Stevens’ many Christmas albums, especially Silver and Gold. Phoebe Bridgers also releases one cover of a holiday song every winter, a tradition that she has continued since 2018, and they are always beautifully done. Her holiday catalog includes a few collaborations with other popular alternative artists such as Boygenius and Fiona Apple, and I find that I often discover new favorite musicians through collaborations with artists that I already know and love. 


Talia Mono:

Throughout the year, I always bake a lot. During Winter break especially, my mom and I bake a bunch of family recipes. This cookie recipe is not a family one, but I made them last year and they were delicious! These Peppermint Chocolate Chip Cookies use two types of chocolate chips and have crushed up candy canes. In my opinion, chocolate and mint is one of the best flavor combinations there is. While the dough does have to be chilled for around 30 minutes, these cookies are definitely worth the wait. Enjoy!


Anna Masino:

When you find yourself bored at home during Winter Break, I recommend watching movies and eating winter-themed treats. It’s a great way to pass the time.


Will Perkins:

During winter break you should sleep in and make the most of the break. During the final few days before school, read a book or even do some work (not too much) and you should be in a good position going into January.


Gabriel Rader 

One show I think everyone would enjoy (if they haven’t seen it already) is Abbott Elementary on Hulu. Taking place in a South Philly public school, this comedy highlights both the difficulties and the joys of teaching in a way that will have you doubled over cackling. With short episodes and a fast-moving sitcom-style plot, this one’s for teachers and students alike. 

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