Student Halloween Plans During Pandemic


Courtesy of LibreShot

Due to various safety concerns surrounding COVID-19, some Friends Select students have changed their traditional Halloween plans.

For many, COVID-19 has not interrupted family-oriented halloween plans. Olivia Shuman ‘21 expects to “cook themed food with [her] family,” which is something she has done in past years. Annie Rupertus ‘21 and Becca Bushee ‘23 both plan to eat candy at home and watch a movie with their families.

On the other hand, some student’s plans have been foiled by the coronavirus. Izzy Ebede ‘21 notes that while “normally, [she would] hang out at someone’s house,” she is not able to do so this year. 

Both Elijah Gallagher ‘22 and Kayla Alston ‘22 will watch movies with friends, although their plans are quite different. While Elijah and his friends will watch virtually over discord, Kayla is attending a private gathering with “two friends and masks on.”

Some students still plan to wear costumes. Elena Milliken ‘22 and her friends are “dressing up as insurance company mascots.”

While Chris Crisden ‘22 will be spending his day at the Mid-Atlantic Region Diversity (MARD) Conference, he will spend the evening “chilling at home in his costume” as well.

Sofia Solari-Parravicini ‘23 notes that for her, this halloween “looks different because normally [she] would hang out with some more people, but [this year] it’s only going to be five of us. Since we aren’t seeing any other people, we’re also not really dressing up.”

Some students must avoid physically spending time with one another. “I can’t hang out because of my high risk parents,” shares Lily Brin ‘23.